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a forum for gubernatorial races, for u.s. senate races, and open seat for representatives in congress. with that, we also have county farm bureau is that hold forums similar to this all across the state for members of the general assembly and other offices in state government. kentucky farm bureau is the largest general farm organization in kentucky and is dedicated to serving as the voice of agriculture. kentucky farm bureau has over 20 advisory committees made up of farmers and other experts in each advisory commodity-specific committee that we have in kentucky. so, it is really important that we are able to develop our policies from the ground level, from the grassroots level. we are made up and organized in all 120 counties in kentucky with a mission to identify problems, developed solutions, and take actions that will improve net farm income, achieve better economic opportunities, enhance the quality of life for all kentucky residents, and that is what our mission is here. we are a nonpartisan organization, which means we do not endorse candidates. however, we feel that candidate
of the afghan troops are receiving training from the u.s. military. >> this is my third trip to afghanistan since the summer of 2007, and on this trip i focus my attention on the capital area around kabul, and also the remote eastern portions of afghanistan near the pakistan border. i spent some time with the army unit that trains the afghan commandos. the u.s. army as an aviation unit that is working these commandos to train them up in air assault missing. you cannot in any whereby road -- anywhere by road. even where roads exist, it can take two hours to get miles. preferably, you move by air. most of the afghan military is static because of the absence of roads and the cultural expectation is that they fit in -- they sit in one place and guarded. their military cannot move around very well, which limits their ability to respond to taliban attacks. the u.s. army and nato are training up the commandos to fly air assault missions. there is an afghan national army corps, and these are soviet- trained pilots to have russian- made helicopters, and they are getting training. they tend to be ski
to the u.s. debt problem? first response comes from congressman moran. >> thank you for your question. is one of the most serious issues our country faces. any effort in changing our debt into the future rebels around structural reform. in addition, at this point in our economy, we cannot raise taxes. so any increase in fica or withholding taxes would be a terrible mistake. so raising taxes is not an option. congress should look at long- term, incremental changes in the social security system that will provide benefits, debt reduction benefits over a long period of time. the truth is that if we are going to address our deficit issue is about changing our tax code, eliminating regulations, and allowing the american people to go to work. how you get out of the recession is small businessmen and entrepreneurs believing they have an idea to bring to market. we have to get government out of the way. much of that has to do with the uncertainty of what washington is doing today. what is this person is going to grow their business when they are uncertain about what is going to happen with hea
unveiled two plaques honoring two slaves who helped built the u.s. capitol. historians say they worked six days a week. the federal government rented the slaves at a rate at $5 per person per month. this is about 35 minutes. . >> that goes against these marble halls today. to you, do i lift up my eyes, to you who dwell in the heavens, my eyes like the eyes of slaves, fixed on the hand of their masters. the eyes of the servants on the slightest gesture of the mistress, so are our eyes on you, o lord, our god. have mercy on us, o lord, have mercy. we are filled with contempt, full of overflowing are our souls. the arrogant disdain of the browned heart. -- the secret songs of the heart are revealed only for all to celebrate justice. amen. >> please be seated.+ ladies and gentlemen, united states representative from georgia, the hon. john lewis. [applause] >> thank you, madam speaker. first of all, i would like to thank the house and senate, leadership for their support for the slave labor task force. i would also like to take the opportunity to recognize the other members of the slave labor t
's latest book, "the supreme court." it is available in hardcover and as an e-book. >> races to succeed to u.s. inventors or on tonight's 2010 coverage. first, the kansas debate vying for the sake -- the seat of senator sam brownback. that is at a 30 p.m. eastern time. we will show president obama speaking at a campaign fund- raiser. congressman roy blunt in the running for the republican nomination talks with business and -- businessmen in lebanon, missouri about jobs. the misery see it is opening up with the retirement of the republican senator. campaign 2010 coverage on c- span. now, a c-span crew covering the gulf of mexico oil spill visits a temporary workers village in louisiana. >> this is the venice responders village. i am the operations manager. we have built this village for people that are working on the boats and on the beaches that are actually the ones collecting the oil and trying to get it off the water or off the shore. they are the ones that put out the bones and they do the siphoning of the oil. they pick up the oil-on the beaches and is mainly for people who are 50 miles o
in the construction of the u.s. capitol," officially documents the work of slaves in the capital construction. with these plaques and a historic marker will be placed in the capital visitor center. we recognize the blood, sweat, and toil of enslaved african americans who helped to construct this embodiment of our democracy. imagine constructing this nation's capitol building with your own two hands. imagine in washington oppress it heat and humidity. they pulled massive stones out of a slick and mosquito invested quarry. imagine having to fight through the bone-chilling winter without shoes. just imagine. the united states government, our government, is your owner. $5 a month for your labor -- for your labor. this capital, the most recognizable symbol of our democracy, was not built overnight and was not built by machine. it was built through the back- breaking work of slave laborers. this building from which we project the ideas of freedom, democracy, and in my own mind, the beloved community stands grounded on a foundation laid by slaves. slavery is a part of our nation's history of which w
and responsibility to do that. we need is an together in demand that the federal garment u.s. job to secure the borders. -- we need to stand together and demand that the federal government do its job is secure the borders. >> all four of you are publicly employed. some of you are on your second or third position in publicly- funded occupations. this may seem an indelicate question. i am curious as to what the value of your pension is that you're expecting from the public employment that you have enjoyed. is it fair or is it symbolic of the problem that many people believe exists in michigan and beyond? >> thank you. you raise a very salient point. is government out of step with the black -- with the private sector? wichita the private and public sectors together -- we should tie the private and public sectors together. we must reflect the workers that we're supposed to be serving. patterson is one of the only counties in america where the pre funded health care and returns have not gone out of business. we have defined contributions. i have a 401k, as does every employee in oakland county.
and hard on. i founded the rhode island chapter of a group called fair vote. i sat before the u.s. house and senate on the issue of electoral reform. i believe we need to do things to open up our systems of governance. i believe in passing a pair elections law that removes the influence of corporate tax dollars from our system. that is the thing into undertake first. that will provide drastic change to the way people feel about their government and about who controls the government. if we implement such laws and people are still feeling as cynical as the bill today, and i understand why, i would be happy to reconsider a term limit. >> i have a different view of it. i believe we will not take washington -- we will not break what is broken in washington until we break the connection between money and policy. we need to pass the third elections act, which will remove the influence of big money in campaigns. we need to enact a ban -- a lifetime ban that you can never become a lobbyist if you were a member of congress. we need to mitigate as much as we can the decision of the supreme court so
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8